Parkridge Private School

PARKRIDGE Private School Inc. is a regionally accredited private school offering a complete range of Distance Learning Programs for students in grades K-12, One-on-one and In-Home Tutoring as well as Adult Education Services, for those 18 and over. Since 1987 we have provided quality curriculum delivered by highly talented and motivated instructors with the student’s personal academic growth and achievement as the goal.  Through our methods of one-on-one instruction we effectively educate, remediate and motivate students to success.

Call toll free (888) 917-8839 or our local number (562) 424-5528 for more information.

  Parkridge offers all programs through Independent Study

Independent Study

Project Diploma

Credit Recovery Dual Enrollment
Students complete their weekly assignments at home through guided lessons, under the direction of a credentialed teacher. Coursework must be completed in a timely manner with all assignments submitted for grading by scheduled due dates and with all proctored tests completed.

Parkridge offers adults an opportunity to re-enter high school and complete a rigorous course of study from their own home while under the direction of a credentialed teacher.  As with all Independent Study programs at Parkridge, all coursework must be completed in a timely manner with all assignments submitted for grading by scheduled due dates and with all proctored tests completed.  If a student has failed a course/s or would like to improve a grade to increase the opportunity for college admission, Credit Recovery is available to allow students a second chance to improve their high school transcript. Parkridge College Track Program provides an opportunity for high school students to enroll in a college course of approved subject matter and receive simultaneous credit for both high school and college.  The college or university must be a regionally accredited school



Learning Options:

online learning

Students can enroll from anywhere in the world for full-time or part-time programs.  Face to face online communication will be arranged for those students not coming directly into the office or study location.  All students must communicate face to face with their assigned counselor on a regular basis.

Learning through On-site meetings
Students will meet with a counselor at the corporate office or designated location on a regular basis to receive instruction, assignments and assistance.  In addition, tutorials are easily accessible via our virtual webcam classrooms.

Learning through OFF-Site meetings
All students must work closely with their counselor in face to face meetings via virtual, webcam classrooms.

Study materials are provided in two formats: the traditional method with textbooks being issued to the student upon enrollment or through access to online textbooks.  All mid-term and final tests must be proctored to be valid.  Proctors can be arranged through public libraries, and other locations.  We will assist you in finding a qualified proctor who will register with us and verify that all tests were taken by you with no assistance. Valid picture ID must be available.

Our tutors will provide personal one-on-one tutoring at a study location or in home with the added feature of the “Success Now" program which will guide your child through a diagnostic and prescriptive approach to identifying their needs and devising a learning plan to support achievement.
Tutoring is available in all core subjects: reading, mathematics, science, history and in addition, study skills and a variety of languages.




assessment, DIAGNOSTIC and Placement Tests
If a student has had difficulty in a subject or not successfully completed a previous course, Parkridge instructors may recommend a diagnostic or placement test to determine their readiness or the specific remediation needed. There is no charge for the test if the student is enrolled in the program. Students are given their results upon completion of the test along with appropriate remediation packets and instruction.  Regular assessment tests are part of the ongoing subject matter curriculum and necessary for credit.  Standardized test preparation and assessment testing, such as ACT and SAT, are also available.

Find a Course
Download and Browse our Catalog of Standard Courses. Additional courses are available upon request.



  • Curriculum developed by award winning educators

  • UC/CSU Approved Courses through the College Board

  • Full and part time, tuition based, tutored school option

  • Weekly assignments in appropriate grade level subject matter

  • Face-to-face meetings with counselors and credentialed teachers

  • An active, supportive school community

  • A range of extracurricular activities

  • A robust Advanced Learner and College Track Program

  • A program accredited by the Northwest Accreditation Commission (NWAC) and AdvancEd

  • Subjects that are no longer offered in many programs such as: art, music, world languages and more are available




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